Private Lesson Offerings

1-Hour Lesson

During our 60 minute lesson, we will work together to identify parts of your golf game and swing that need improvement. Utilizing industry leading technology, we will analyze your swing and teach you how to become a better golfer. There is no limit to what we can work on together at the studio, from your putter to your driver I will enhance each part of your game.

After your lesson, I will provide video footage and specific drills that you can use to practice your newfound skills.

Lesson Packages

Ready to become a better player? Our lesson packages allow you to make an investment in yourself and allows us to work together to establish a well thought out strategy for enhancing your golf game. Multiple lessons will give us the time needed to fully analyze your game from tee to green and develop a gameplan for success.

Lesson packages also enable you to receive discounted rates at 10%.

man swinging golf club